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Are You A First Time Car Buyer In Cookeville, TN



Get Approved At Cumberland Auto Group Near Lebanon And Crossville

It’s a classic paradox: How can you get a loan without a credit history and how can you get a credit history if no one will lend you money? If you are a first-time car buyer with little or no credit history, we invite you to shop our new and used car dealerships in Cookeville, Tennessee.

If you have had trouble receiving a car loan near Lebanon and Crossville, we invite you to enjoy a different experience. Maybe you've heard that you cannot be approved for auto financing because you have no credit history. Maybe your credit accounts are too new, or you aren't able to borrow enough. Maybe you've always paid cash for cars in the past, and now you're ready to lease something exciting. We're here to listen to you and guide you through the process .


Cumberland Auto Group Makes Car Loans Easy

Here at Cumberland Auto Group, we understand that first-time car-buyers are often overwhelmed by the car loan process. Even if you have established employment and stable residency, you are finding that lenders don’t want to take a chance on you. It might even feel like people with lower credit scores than yours can get a no-hassle auto loan.

Our finance associates understand your frustration. The financial experts at each of our Cumberland locations will breakdown the credit process to you in clear, simple terms. We also provide a selection of loan programs tailored to first-time buyers. If you’re a recent college graduate or have paid cash all your life – let us help you establish your credit.


Why Put Money Down?

Many Cookeville drivers think they need to put down a large downpayment or need a co-signer. These are indeed options, but they are not required. We can help you in a car that meets your budget without needing a co-signer. Cumberland Auto Group has options for all drivers.


Get Approved For The Lowest Rate Possible

We work with a vast network of lenders to improve your chances of receiving a loan. Our team can provide loan structures range from low-interest rates to no money down to affordable lease options structured towards first-time auto buyers. We can also offer lower monthly payments with longer terms to help you save.

We have connections with banks at the national, state, and local level that are eager to earn your business. We also work with credit unions and finance companies that will consider your entire credit profile. You are more than a number. Why be judged on it? We work with lenders who want to help first-time car buyers drive a car they love.


College Graduates And Senior Citizens Looking For Credit Approval

Here at the Cumberland Auto Group, we believe that every customer deserves the opportunity to drive the car they have their heart set on. We want you to find the perfect vehicle regardless of your current credit history. Getting approved for a car loan doesn't have to be complicated.


Build Your Credit With A Car Lease

Let us remove the stress from the equation. Our trained financial team works with first-time car buyers. We’ll explain the process, help you find you a fun car, and get you approved at fair loan terms.

Take the drive to Cumberland Auto Group today!

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